Month: July 2021

Industry News: Global Governments Ramp Up Pace of Chip Investments

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The global race for countries to advance their own semiconductor capabilities and capacity is ramping up. The strategic significance of semiconductors and their ever-increasing importance for economic competitiveness and supply-chain resilience has become a focus for governments worldwide. Read more:

Center for Creative Leadership Program

Leadership Team

Advantek’s Senior Leadership Team graduated from their Center for Creative Leadership Program four months ago. The ambitious team of 24 successfully completed a six-month program around Leadership, and here is what a few of them had to say about it:

“The CCL leadership training opened my mind to a new way of thinking. In the COVID era, I think about whether we should slow down or speed up, but I realize it’s about balance. Take time to communicate more, continue to develop the team, and identify any major blind spots.” –Rebecca Wang, Controller, Shanghai 

“During our training, I found it helpful to learn and to listen, to not just the facts, but also the feelings and values of team members. I think the transition of the training to an online format helped me further exercise the listening skills we developed. By specifically asking team members for feedback about my performance and the performance of the team, I became more away of peoples’ wishes. This has been very important as we incorporate remote communication tools.” –Zack Campshure, P2 Center of Excellence (CoE) Manager

“As a Human Resources Manager, you’re in the middle of everything, and that can be tough. The training had helped me understand my own weaknesses and fears, and how to deal with those when giving and receiving feedback. It can be hard to give and accept feedback, but when you do, you become a better version of yourself.” –Rose Lera, Human Resources Manager Philippines