• Group Management
    Wim Goossens
    President, CEO
    George Carbone
    EVP, CFO
    Rose-Ann Lera
    SVP - HR & Compliance
    Jason Skrtic
    SVP - Americas
    Vincent Huang
    SVP - North East Asia
    Binit Singh
    SVP - South East Asia
    Axel Held
    SVP - Europe, Middle East & Africa
    Melvin Demiar
    VP - Engineering
    Sonya Downs
    SVP - Finance
    Jack Artman
    SVP - Corporate Development & M&A
  • Support Functions
    Greg Bluem
    VP - Product & Brand
    Carlo Cirineo
    Director - Application Engineering
    Grace De Castro
    Director - Global Quality
    Arnold Onte
    VP - Information Technology
    Erna Qiu
    VP - Global Planning
    Kevin Yang
    VP - Global Sourcing
  • Global Sales
    Andres Bucaro
    Sales Director - Americas
    Samuel Chan
    Sales Manager – Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam
    Raymund Escalante
    Sales Manager - Philippines
    Allan Guo
    Director - Key Accounts
    Akihisa Komatsuzaki
    Sales Manager - Japan
    Nick Lee
    Sales Manager - Taiwan
    Linger Liu
    Product Management
    Chad Miller
    Sales Manager – Medical
    Tobias Schlegel
    Director - Key Accounts
    Roberto Velasco
    Sales Manager - Singapore
    Jason Wang
    Sales Manager - Mainland China
    Jessica Wu
    Sales Director - North East Asia
  • Human Resources
    Mina DelaCruz
    HR Manager - Philippines
    Brenda Feng
    HR Manager - Taiwan
    Yoyo Ling
    HR Manager - China
    Jen Mariadass
    HR Specialist - Malaysia
    Wade Schenck
    HR Manager - Americas and EMEA