Polystyrene Clear Anti-Static – F-Series

Advantek’s F-Series polystyrene carrier tape material is clear and static dissipative. Its superior anti-static qualities are inherent in the product, not a coating. The material’s high transparency enables in-pocket part inspection, while its uniform surface texture provides a consistently flat sealing area. This special polystyrene offers exceptional strength and stability over time and temperature variations while maintaining flexibility.

Material properties

Property Typical Value Test Method
Material thickness FC – 0.30mm
FE – 0.40mm
FW – 0.50mm
Surface resistance 1.0E5 – 1.0E11 Ohms ANSI 11.11 / 11.13
Tensile strength @ break 1450 – 4500 PSI ASTM D882
Elongation @ break 9 – 75 % ASTM D882
Glass transition 90 – 110 °C ASTM 3418
Transmittance 85 – 100 ASTM D1003

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